[Build] Perez's Promo Museum

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  1. Hello Everyone. I always seen museums around and I've always wanted to have one. I finally get to say I'm getting one built :D. It may not be super fancy as the rest but hey I'm going to have one for myself. Museum is being built out of Quartz and Purpur Blocks. I can't wait to show it to you guys when it's done :D. Have a great day everyone!
    • If anyone is selling quartz block let me know b/c I need a lot :D. If you wish to donate pm me here on the forums or in game. Thanks!
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  2. Good luck with your museum!
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  3. The venerable smp5 I assume?
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  4. Thank you!
  5. Yes :)
  6. Have fun !! Don't give up on the hard to get items. They are out there
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  7. Good luck on your museum. I sell quartz ore at my shop. I can give you a good price if you buy a sc. I'm on smp8 at /v +market
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  8. Thanks and I won't don't worry :)
  9. Good luck, if you need any advice let me know.
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  10. I have some quartz I'll mail to you next time I'm in game. My promo gallery is also built out of Quartz. It sounds like it would go well with purpur blocks
  11. Thank you! Really Appreciate it
  12. That sounds great Thanks!