[Bugs] Tiny villagers and disappearing villagers.

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by pateraterick, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. I've recently noticed 2 bugs with villagers on EMC
    The first bug require a 1*2 hole with 1 villager in it
    You just have to trade with him while holding a villager egg to get a tiny villager beneath him.
    For example, I saw a toy villager at FatAndy's res.

    Secondly a disappearing villager bug,
    The villager have to be surround by 4 blocks and with a block above him and only 1 block under him( so if you destroy the block under him he will fall.
    After a while the villager will fall all the way to the ground!?
  2. Do You mean that if I trade with a villager in hand can I multiply them?
  3. No, you will need villager egg in your hand to trade, but you will also use the villager egg
  4. This is desired behaviour.
    Minecraft added it in 1.4.

    As for the other thing, can you record a video of the problem?
  5. There was a bug in which You can multiply them
  6. Sure XD