Bugmo1207 and sgx2000's Epic Adventure

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  1. ok tonight was too much fun so i had to share. we decided to do an adventure on utopia in the wild and here is how it went:

    1) we saw Slime Town for the first time and it truly is epicly huge. nice iron golems!
    2) we saw this epic floating island:

    3) Bugmo1207 saw her first Jungle Temple, completely untouched and we got to explore it together. We were pelted by many arrows lol!

    4) We saw THREE Villages, all untouched prior to us being there.

    5) We saw TWO Desert Temples, one had been raided prior to us being there but the other one was untouched and we were able to defuse the TNT before it got us!

    6) We saw many faults in the ground, luckily none of them swallowed us up.

    7) Many treasures were found, we filled up both of our Ender Chests plus our regular Inventory

    much fun was had... on our EPIC ADVENTURE!!!
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  2. Nice that you got to see the slime farm. If you grief, Im the mayor!!
  3. i havent seen it, can i tour it?
  4. Too bad you can't do this in regular SMP's.
  5. Ask MDR or pig or whoever is on utopia for a tour, or look for the thread :p
  6. you can! everything we did you can do on any of the SMPs... in fact we normally would've done this on smp9 but it's really busy so it was lagging a bit so we decided to go to Utopia

    the only thing that is Utopia only was the Slime Town, but you can build one on your SMP if you want

    we just happened upon Slime Town while we were walking around
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  7. we would never grief anything... although technically we griefed one of the villages. i had to get some of those sandstone stairs lol
  8. There is a mayor???
  9. Im not overpowered BTW ;)
  10. I thought other people built that area though?
  11. theres no mayor its public
  12. It's epic, i was there when there where only 3 house's i came again a week later and BOOM! a village!
  13. Yay OCD texture pack!