[Bug?] Wither skeletons dropping sekelton items

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  1. So, as many of you know, I own a wither skeleton farm. I go there quite often, and I noticed something strange. On the wiki, is says that wither skeletons can dropp coal, bones, stone swords, and their head; that's it. However, withing the past few weeks, I've noticed them dropping arrows, and pow. 3 unbrk. 3 bows. Even today, I killed one, and it dropped a normal skeleton skull. Is this a bug, or is it intended?
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  2. The bows are set to drop from regular skeletons on EMC. But sense wither skeletons classify as skeletons they are set to drop them as well. That's why people often get regular skeleton skulls and bows.
  3. I noticed this once, i think like 2 months ago.
    I thought it was cool.
  4. So kind of like when they die, they have a chance to become non-corrupted?
  5. yes its due to it still being a skeleton.

    but the good thing is, the custom loot is always EXTRA loot, and would never replace the wither skeleton drop. So you could in theory get a wither head and skeleton head from same kill :)
  6. Where's this wither skele farm? *crosses fingers* please not on utopia
  7. There is more than one :)
  8. That, my friend, is a secret. ;)
  9. Awwwwww