[Bug] Wither Fighting

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  1. JarrettLTenney and I were fighting a wither on difficulty 10 (because of Aikar's new updates in which withers can drop more than 1 star) and during the battle Jarrett died (noob, jk luv u Jarrett) and the wither disappeared on us with all of Jarrett's stuff, not sure if it's a bug due to the update or if there is a risk factor? Thanks
  2. I would suggest PMing this to Aikar, so he can see it...
  3. Stuff could've been blown up.

    Did you see the wither actually dissapear? Otherwise it might have flown away
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  4. I am 10000% sure it did not fly away as we were at y: 6
  5. Yeah, definitely a bug then :p

    As said before, PM Aikar :)
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  6. Yep, PM was sent thanks for the help :D