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  1. First let me apologize if this is in the wrong place or is already being addressed someplace else. I thought EMC had its own bug tracker but I could not find the information on how to report to it. If this should be addressed elsewhere, please let me know where and I will do so there.

    I have noticed that when traveling for a few minutes in boats the position between the client and the server becomes different. What I mean is, I will run aground when I am clearly in the water, or when I get out of the boat I wont be able to get back in it.

    If I log out and log back in, then everything seems to reset. For example, I travel for 5 minutes in a boat though the ocean and come to a stop. I get out of the boat and all of a sudden I am a fair distance from my boat. If I swim to the boat I wont be able to get in it. If I now log out and log back in things work. Now I am where I was when I logged out, but my boat has been moved to the position I was moved to when I exited the boat.

    Has anyone else encountered this? I know player Atti824 has. We often travel the wild together and his computer has the same issues. I know the only mod he has is optifine. My client has no mods and does it on multiple computers. I am running a 64 bit system and he is on a 32 bit system as well if that might have any factors.
  2. happens to everyone. no matter how fast your computer EMC messes up boats for all
    you shouldve seen the EMC olympics boat race. that was funny :p
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  3. This happens to me all the time as well when traveling great distances.
    I believe that this is a 'known' issue and what happens is that what you see, slowly becomes different than where the game thinks you are (get more and more out of synch over time with distance traveled).

    If you notice, sometimes you will hit land (or the spawn point stairs if in the waste) even though you do not see that you are near it which causes your boat to break, which in turn makes you 'appear' where the game thinks that you are.

    I typically rely on live map more than what is happening in game to navigate, and once what I see in game differs 'too much' from what I see on live map, or if I am near land, I will log off and back on to 'reset' my position where I "really" am.

    Yes if your boat becomes 'stuck' where it will not move and you cannot enter the boat, log off and back on. (try not to 'stand' on the boat, as the game thinks im still in the water, sometimes I appear at the bottom of the ocean while logging back in.

    Hope this helps you!
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  4. Thanks. I just wanted to make sure it wasn't something I could fix. It sounds like an issue we just have to contend with for the time being.

  5. For future reference, you can pm Aikar, AlexChance and the developers here on the website for bug reporting. :)
  6. when i go traveling by boat i have at least 1 back up boat on my hot bar.
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