[Bug] The End -> back to bed fails

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  1. If I sleep in a bed (e.g. on my res) and thus set my spawn, and then go to The End, then jump in the portal... I arrive back in overworld somewhere about 1000 blocks out - maybe where I once had a bed or something, IDK.

    After the end sequence, I should appear in my last bed.
  2. Yeah happened to me a while back too.
  3. If you are spawning at a place other then the wild spawn, it is likely because you had slept in a bed in that location either before or after the last wild reset. For some reason when the wild was reset, it doesn't reset the spawn location for players, so you may spawn at a previous bed location, even if the bed isn't there.

    If you like i can place a bed at the desired main spawn for you to sleep in to reset your spawn point. :)
  4. Err... before or after? I don't understand that part - Everyone who has ever used a bed either used it before, or after, any past event?

    As for me, I've only been here 118 days, so I have not experienced a wild reset.

    If you can reset it so that, after "The End", I can go back to town - great.

    And I hope, after that, I could choose another location successfully?
  5. No, I don't think this is because you slepth in a bed before or after the wild reset, when escaping out of the end, you a random spawn point for that, that is every time you escape the end. I was one time with 2 friends in the end, and we all three spawned in a different place when escaping.
  6. PS It's on SMP9, BTW; perhaps you can message me online to get it sorted out?
  7. You're supposed to spawn wherever your last bed was. Usually, it works.
  8. Oh, I haven't had that, is it in the Minecraftwiki?
  9. You won't spawn in town, it will always be your last spawn location in the wild. Which for me has always been either main spawn, a current bed location, or a bed location from before the last update.
    It's quite possible it is a bed location you have destroyed, but you can always set a new spawn location by sleeping in the wild at a new location. :)
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  10. I always spawn like 5k out in an ocean -.-
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  11. Leaving the end does not use your beds location. It picks a certain location in the wild and everyone is sent there.

    This is not a bug, its just how minecraft works. MC decided to pick an ocean for you to fall in...
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  12. Like I said....

    I am always spawning here (smp5 wild)
    End spawn.PNG
    And yes, I fail at making arrows... :p