[Bug] Stable Vouchers only work per server.

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  1. Stable Limit varies from server to server. I claimed 2 vouchers on smp7 and one on smp1 and it says my stable limit is 3/2. I was wondering if this could be looked into.
  2. Please only post pertinent things... there are threads and videos on how to do this.
  3. Looking into it Biscuit. Thanks for pointing it out.
  4. Np Sassy... also did you get my PM?
  5. Also, they read to whatever res you claim them on. I just logged CamerinDrake in and claimed his, only to find that it's apparently claimed to MY res, not his. :I I thought they were assigned to name.
  6. What do you mean PanderMen?
  7. I logged him in and got his stable coupon. When I right clicked it and claimed it, it assigned it to my res, it wouldn't let me place his horse on his res, but would on my res.
  8. Oh so you took his horse?
  9. Pretty much :confused:.
  10. Looks like Aikar still has a lot of work to do. :l
  11. resolved
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  12. Meh. He expected bugs.
  13. It just did the same with Brit. :I I go to their res, claim the stable voucher go to spawn the horse and it says I don't have permission to use eggs (build) and so i have to go to my own res, spawn the horse then walk them to their reses.
  14. This will be forever known as:

    The EMC hardcore update!

    You had to survive in town. :l
  15. K so apparently...I had to give them build on their own residence. That bug is back. I logged my cousin in and made sure to stay on his res, tried it on mine, my sister's and Camerin's. Had to give him build on his own res.