[Bug]: RTS Bug.

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  1. There is this bug. When you type /res tpset , Place a sign saying teleport and a pressure plate, If it's near a wall (Say, Facing South. Haven't tested it without a nearby wall), I'll be facing south instead of North (The Direction I wish to face). It's the same no matter which direction this "Wall" is.
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  2. The way you enter a RTS will be the way you exit, there is no way around it (Currently) I have suggested that its fixed to eye pos. so that people will go exactly how the person set it up
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  3. I recall it actually facing the right way eventually. Not sure if that's true though :)
  4. If you jump onto the pressure plate, then yes you face the right way. If you walk onto the pressure plate, then you face the way you walked onto the pressure plate.
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  5. Umm first off you should really be typing "/res tpsign" not "/res tpset"
    Second of all whatever direction your facing (down, up, left, right, whatever) when you step on the pressure palte is the way you face when you teleport ;)
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  6. Or you could just reposition the pressure plate so that people walk into the way you want them too :)
  7. But, but. I walk backwards everywhere!!!
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  8. Then your stupid :)
  9. I know that. That was a typo.

    Honestly, I never tested it with the TP in the centre.
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  11. I love how you're calling him stupid when you used the wrong your.
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  12. Oooooh, gotta love these grammatical errors in grammatical corrections. Punctuation is grammar, too, guys. Don't let it be lonely. :(
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  14. ?
  15. I wish that Trip Wire would be added to the RTS, step on the wire and teleport. ^_^
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