Bug report.

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  1. I just want to bring this to attention. Mobs are spawning in water, and above light level 7.

    Have a good day :)
  2. *Screams*
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  3. I think that was already a problem with the mobs spawning like that, something with an update Aikar applied. though I have no idea if he ever fixed it.
  4. God darn it aikar, this is certainly another plot to ruin the economy.
    More mob spawns=more mod drops=lower prices=all mob drops lose value.
    Curse you eyekar! (;))
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  5. Yeah, its getting VERY bad. I've had to rebuild my super duper secret house in the wild two times today because of Creepers.
  6. I'm quite happy with the number of mobs. I just want them to follow the rules. lol
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  7. Screw mobs. They blow us up, they kill us, why do we have to respect them? MURDER TIME! (Brings out Diamond Sword)
  8. Brings out IceCreamCow's milk
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  9. Oh no now we will never be safe... Unless there was a grief protected town without any hostile mobs being able to spawn EVER...