Bug Report: Shop Signs

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  1. Hi there. Just would like to report a pretty serious bug. Seems that shop signs that buy, sell or buy/sell either Pistons or Sticky Pistons, are not working properly. The ones that sell only seem to always give an "out of stock" message, even when the chest has them. The buy/sell signs will sell you the item, but when trying to sell back to the shop, it gives either a "Chest is full" or a " You don't have enough items to sell" message....clearing not being true. These signs have already been tested on smp1 on several residences, facing north, south, east and west, with different people....and all came back with the same results as stated above.

    Please try to tend to this matter as soon as possible. Thank you!
  2. Pm this to aikar. If he's not on than add maxarias(sorry for any errors). They should get on it pretty quick.
  3. So this is why Alex is never in stock of pistons...
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  4. Bug has been/is about to be reported to Aikar. Hopefully he'll be able to fix it from there but he does have a load to work on.
  5. When doesn't he?
  6. Didn't Aikar just say in a recent thread that there is no need to report these, as the issues are well known, but have not been top priority.
  7. Can you get the link please? :D
  8. Yeah i don't remember him ever saying this either.
  9. I didn't see this mentioned before, that's why i started this thread. Along with the fact that it's hard as heck to get a hold of Aikar or anyone else, since they tend to be very busy. Just hoping that this will be brought to light and fixed soon.
  10. The bug has been reported and will hopefully get some attention by Aikar in the next couple of days :)
  11. Thanks Alex :D
  12. I had the same problem. Use /iteminfo and use the item Id. It's some thing weird like "sticky piston base"
  13. I have found a lot of items doing that recently...
  14. thanks ill inform someone about this on another thread.
  15. I believe Aikar has re-mapped item ID's and will deploy this bug fix (among others) sometime in the next 24 hours hopefully. :)