{bug} Punching blocks on Res with string in hand

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by teynom_harem, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Punching blocks on Res with string in hand causes me to receive /res info in my chat for every punch i make. quite funny and annoying at the same time.
    hope to be fixed :)
  2. Are you using string?
  3. lol, i'd pm the aikar coding wizard
  4. im pretty sure thats not a bug
  5. apparently I am |:}
  6. It is not a bug. It is a 'feature'. String is an 'in hand' item for the /res info command. In case you dont want to use /res info. You can just walk around in town with string in your hand. Its useful for things like checking flags of different res's and such. It was mainly used before you could just press the up arrow to re type a command.
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  7. okay, i figured it might be smth like a tool of that sort, but meh...
  8. Better hope it wont ruin the economy ;)
  9. I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I cannot do that.
  10. Punch with something else :p
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  11. Yeah i guess that would work...