[BUG] My house and my private terrain are gone

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  1. Hi everybody,

    I joined the server one day and played for about 1 hour. On the following day, I logged in to keep playing and I noticed that my house was not there anymore. It was like eveything a made had just gone.

    Yesterday, I decided to restart building everything again. I collected many resources on wastelands, most of them cobblestone, coal and redstone. I got even some diamonds. I went back to the teleport point and got teleported to the town. However, when I typed /home, a message saying that my house wasn't present in any of the servers appeared.

    What should I do to have my home back?

    Thanks in advance for the support!

    PS.: I'm new to this forum, I'm sorry if I did not report a bug appropriately.
  2. You have logged into the empire 3 times during your time here.

    The first was 11 days ago. You claimed residence 10679.

    6 days ago, after 5 days of inactivity, your residence was reset.
    This is per our derelict policy you can read about at http://emc.gs/derelict

    You logged on 4 days ago and had no res.

    You logged in about 20 hours ago and had no res.

    Hopefully, this helped you better understand the situation.
  3. So based off you first signing in 11 days and 22 hours ago, is it safe to assume there was a 10 day gap between "the following day" and yesterday? If so, the server likely claimed your residence since it technically would be considered derelict. New players have to log on or vote often if they intend to keep their residence, since the "claim and never log on again" rates can be fairly high.

    You will have to claim another residence and start over again:( If you need money to start again, visit the below link to help get easy resources.
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  4. You can type the following commands to get a home:

    /res open - this gets you to an open res
    /res claim - this claims your res

    res = home

    oh and type /smp8 to join smp8 because we are the best and we can help you out
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  5. now I understand! Thank you all for the quick reply =)
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