[Bug?] Marlix Problems

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  1. So today somebody took me out to fight a Marlix. Here's my "fighting info:"
    • Level 6.
    • Diamond sword fully enchanted except for a lack of Fire Aspect.
    • Unbreaking III, Power III bow.
    • I was fighting a Marlix that had never been attacked before.
    I immediately started hacking at the Marlix with my sword, as it was under trees and easy to reach. As the battle progressed I moved to my bow because it escaped the trees and was hovering above a river. However, once it was dead, there were a few things that struck me as unusual.
    • It only dropped bones and plain arrows.
    • It did not give me any tokens whatsoever.
    • Whenever I hit it, it displayed the assistance message but no Guardians actually spawned.
    • It's helmet broke while I was fighting it, don't know if that's a bug or not.
    Ten minutes after killing the Marlix, I killed a Momentus. The only difference was that I switched to Level 5. The Momentus rewarded me with two Vault Vouchers and 2000 tokens or so, plus the Enraged Guardian loot. In other words, everything was perfectly in order. So what's wrong with the Marlix? I think that's it. Thanks! :)
  2. is there any word on people getting the tokens they were denied cause of this bug?
  3. It seems that marlixes don't give tokens.
  4. There is no way we could know the details of the fight to award a proper token reward, or even the fact it was killed at all.

    They will if you kill them w/o hitting the bat too much.
  5. well i took screenshots i just think it kinda stinks that i bashed my armor against him and get nothing out of it. even a 2k recompense (which isnt alot cause i fought him on 10) would be worth it. now that its known i dont fight them anymore but prior i invested alot in a losing venture.
  6. So I just fought a Momentus today and now the Momentus seems bugged. It was on difficulty 6 using no fire aspect. I cleared cacti before fighting. At first he summoned assistance properly, but then his calls failed to do anything. On death, he dropped some normal flesh and 400 tokens. Is this a related bug?
  7. Thats intended, they do not summon forever.
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