[BUG?] Marlix Drops nothing even at Difs 6 and 60

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  1. So, this all started on Friday, The Previous day I had fought 2 Marlix, by and gotten the Normal Drops and Such. I was woodcutting when a Marlix Spawned, I was at Dif 6, and I went to Kill it, eventually I did, but sadly, nothing had Dropped. Later at FNM 2 Momentus were Killed, the Drops were Shown and Such. Then yesterday (Saturday) Another Marlix Spawned, I was at Dif 5, and Once Again, no Drops, just Tokens. Im pretty sure this is a Bug, or Im just THAT unlucky to get no drops :p
  2. I'm pretty sure you always get at least something be it flesh, heads or the rare stuff. This has happened to me a few times but not as of late.
  3. Marlix spawned right in front of my face. It died in two hits. No drops or tokens.
  4. i dont fight marlix often because of this. its a common bug that aikar is aware of. he hits himself with his own arrows and does more then half dmg to himself
  5. Oh wow didn't know that.
  6. I had this happen to me also, the text came up "Marlix has fallen" after i hit it with an arrow and when i went where it had fallen there was no xp (not sure if they don't give xp) no drops or anything.
  7. its the reason i havent fought these or the other 14 scattered around the biome (theres 17 total flying there)
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  8. lol ya I have 5 together in one area. It's in water so good for me, but still... I have full Marlix. I'm after the big guys helm.
  9. Ive been trying to spawn one for the past 2 hours ive been on lol, no luck sadly :/
  10. I would gladly come kill them :D