Bug - Losing health while walking.

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  1. I can't figure out how to post "Proof" of this, seeing that it only happens while moving, so screen shots would do any good... but this is the second/third time its happened.

    I am randomly walking around, minding my own, when all over the sudden I am being jerked back over and over again(as if I took a step, and then someone pulled me back), and can't move in any direction, and the more I try, the more health I lose.

    Simple fix; Relog. It fixes the issue for about five minutes, I can walk freely in that time, then it starts up again, no apparent permanent fix...

    Willing to attempt to show mods Via teamviewer or such if necessary to fix it.
  2. Are you eating or out of food?
  3. I generally keep near full food. but the bug accures whether I am full, or fully hungry.
  4. This kind of thing happens to me in the desert sometimes, like, there's a cactus there only I can't see it, and I get stuck on it and die. Does it happen to you anywhere?
  5. Currently I'm in a jungle on the Utopia Server, and its happening, last time it happened I was in an underground mineshaft thing. and the time before that, was in a desert. But when I step on a block, I can't move ANY direction without getting damage, I'm not moving currently, so that if I mod needs proof, it doesn't take me time to find another spot it happens.

    Edit - Going to bed now, so I can't keep it up over night... when it happens again tomorrow, I'll keep it up for a mod to see, if need-be.
  6. hey, i know another way u can die and its similar like this i mine alot and its wierd im just mining and im in the block! i start losing health rapidly and i can mine out of it.
  7. well, yours sounds like lava =P and if it doesn't look like there is lava there, it may be your texture pack, I had a texture pack that would show lava, if I was above it, but if it was above it, it wouldn't, lost a few diamonds cause of it. now I am using the default, don't know if you are too, if so, may be a similar issue.
  8. There is an invisible admin following you around and hitting you.
  9. This happened to me on a mushroom island.
  10. Justin!! You naughty- or is it Jeremy? Mystery ensues
  11. though you all are funny and all.(No sarcasm). i was hoping someone had a perm fix for this? o.0
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