[BUG?] Lag

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  1. I have been on EMC for over a year now and for the last 100 days I ran a 128x texture pack (sphax) with around 60fps and now in 1.5 with the updated texture pack same settings patched so their is no animations i run the same settings with no joke with, 1/2fps, I live in the UK so what do you think it is; 1.5? EMC? My computer? or my internet?

    On singleplayer i get around 40fps.
  2. Ok now i updated to 1.5.1 and on EMC I get around 30fps but thats still not what i should be getting.
  3. Ok Patched it and now i have the same 1fps bug :(

    On the default texture pack on EMC I jump between 30,40,50fps
  4. I get the same, less than half the FPS I normally get, and that is 15 normal so really not good. I live in UK aswell.
  5. We actually intentionally waited this long to update to wait for 1.5.1, I could not sleep at night if I had it on my conscience that I encouraged people to update to 1.5....

    1.5 was extremely broken when it comes to FPS....

    As for why your still having issues on 1.5.1.... No clue.

    The only thing EMC has control of that affects client side lag really is entity visibility ranges...

    I'm guessing your running into higher entity counts on EMC than you do in SP.

    We have reduced the visibility ranges lower than vanilla, so it should be better overall..

    Ensure your using Optifine also. EVERYONE, regardless of FPS, should be using Optifine, it just overall fixes the game :)
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