[Bug?] Issue with blocked Items

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  1. Not sure if this is a bug or a MC issue or if it's been brought up yet. I took 6 stacks of Redstone blocks to fill a DC so I can make some pistons. 6 stacks of redstone blocks should equal a full DC, 54 stacks of 64 redstone dust. Well my last stack only has 61. Same thing happened with the DC of Iron Ingots and DC of Slime balls. Each one had 1 stack of 61. So that means 3 of each just went away? Does this mean ALL my auctions of Iron Blocks, Slime Blocks, Redstone blocks, etc. have all been wrong amounts once the winner unblocked them?
  2. This happens when you're trying to craft blocks back into their original item with a full inventory. It happens in singleplayer, too. If the player didn't craft with a full inventory, they're fine.
  3. Someone should tell mojang about this.
  4. With how long it's been a bug, I find it hard to believe they don't know about it. You're free to do so, though. ;)
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