Bug In Wastelands

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  1. I was searching farther into the west outpost in the wastelands and I got stuck in between two barriers. I am confused. Please help:(.
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  2. Dangit. Hafta disconnect because a zombie was killing me and i cant attack it.
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  3. If you go near the edge of the generated world in the Wastelands you will become stuck... the way to avoid this is use the live map while exploring and avoid the edges.
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  4. But How Do I Get Out From Being Stuck?
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  5. when I was stuck I just kept jumping and moving around until eventually I shook free

    I know some people talk about having someone meet you out there and nudge you away or you can find a mod to try and help you by teleporting you out of there.
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  6. Ok I'll try that. I hope it works.
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  7. I'll just wait for a mod
  8. Any Mods That Can Go On Smp1?
  9. Still waiting D:
  10. Dropped my diamond sword :(
  11. I suggest admins add a line that says what the border is on the live map
  12. This is torture