Bug Fixes / Misc Updates 4/26/14

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  1. Some bug fixes and misc updates going out now!

    • EMC-285 - Teleporting while on a Boat/Minecart no longer teleports them with you.Reverted - caused issues
    • EMC-490 - Chicken Jockeys no longer stay in the world if they lose their Zombie. As well as, chickens will no longer spawn everywhere when the zombie spawn was cancelled. All old abandoned chicken jockeys will disappear as the chunk loads then unloads.
    • EMC-494 - Anvil eating up extra items when repairing with raw materials fixed
    • Ban messages are no longer truncated on the disconnect screen
    • Pressure plates do not spam you in the tutorial
    • All kinds of fixes in Bukkit.
  2. The title says "Big Fixes" haha

    Good job on these fixes :p
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  3. Nice :')
    The checken jukes :D
  4. I am unable to ride a minecart now. It works in single player, but not on EMC. Did the teleportation fix mess this up?
  5. Oh dang.... Reverting for now
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  6. would it be possible to have a mod go through and do some sort of auto-kill of chickens in a given area to clear them out? according to /entcount I have over 70 near me in the wild and I can't find them all :(
  7. I'm able to ride them again. Thanks :D
  8. These were indeed Big bugs, and thank you very much for fixing them !
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