Bug Fixes / Improvements 1/10/14

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  1. Hello everyone. Big bug fix update!

    • EMC-396 - Changed message to show 10 days if less than 10 days old, 30 days if older than 10. Derelict will be adjusted to that logic soon.
    • EMC-391 - Changed messaging to mention /server now to find a new server if its full
    • EMC-399 - Momentus was not invulnerable, but had way too much HP (300) with a damage cap of about 7~, so it took A LOT to kill it. Reduced HP quite a bit and upped the damage cap.
    • EMC-389 - Can now use rose or poppy to sell it, and defaults /iteminfo to say poppy now
    • EMC-393 - Ok I think "last seen never ago" is fixed now...
    • EMC-380 - Witches harm players now
    • EMC-375 - Typing who referred you during /register should work now
    • EMC-387 - Entity limiter should be much more accurate now
    • EMC-382 - Group rejoin should work now... that was a nasty bug I'm glad found early!
    • EMC-143 - All wastelands portals should work now
    Improvement / sort of fix:
    • EMC-386 - Made more conditions allow custom drops so breeding, eggs, chunk genned animals etc can drop their heads. This should resolve everything but Cave Spiders for now.
  2. First! I have never been first before! :D
  3. lol
  4. These are some good fixes. Now to finish fixing all the other bugs before DT* :p

    *IMO a good playing experience is more important than new features if the features currently available are still attracting people.
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  5. Thanks for all the bug fixing :) The IG message said a new res feature was included, is that secret or just not in this update?
  6. Will this now work in town, or for wild only?
  7. Town and wild
    About to post seperate thread
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  8. Awesome! thanks Aiakar and Co.
  9. So dragon tombs now?
  10. Pretty sure 'Fix Witch huts' was still on the currently doing list. :)

    .... waits for thread saying witch huts/nether spawning reworked and complete. :)
  11. sorry havent got to that yet, i'm done for the night, gotta hit bed now :)
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  12. Holy cow Aikar, you should go on vacation more often :p
    Good work and thank you :)
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  13. I can confirm that group rejoining has been fixed :D
  14. are you close with a fix for the witch huts? what can we expect happens to those who have farms in old terrain?
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  15. Next: Dragon Tombs

  16. So witch farms are fixed now, and my witch farm will work?
  17. I found out that bit about witches being hurty the hard way :D
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  18. A little while back, Aikar was saying that the 1.7 witch huts and strongholds do spawn witches and nether stuff as they should, though the old ones may not. And that old witch huts won't be able to be fixed probably anyway. So it's possible there is no fix coming for your old witch farms.

    Hence, not on the todo list anymore.
  19. Any idea on how much hp the momentus has Aikar?