[Bug] Cave Spiders

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  1. I've fought cave spiders in SSP so i know when they should poison. I was mining and i found a mineshaft and during got course of 30/45mins i found 3 cave spider spawners. And i was hit by them a lot (by a lot i mean my armar is half broken now and i went their it was newly made) but not once i was poisoned. I know this is a bug but because Mojang said they fixed it i presume its EMC side what do you think it is?

    (Note: my armour what NOT enchanted)
  2. The server isn't at the point of difficulty that they poison you.
  3. EMC plays on easy mode. I am not sure but I believe they don't poison you on easy. We are bumping it up to normal mode hopefully before the 1.5 update.
  4. As they have said before myself. Cave Spiders only Poison at difficulty Normal and Hard. EMC is currently on Easy mode, but soon switching to Normal
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  5. I assume that means they will be poisonous again?
  6. Sorry I though we already went to normal before 1.5 my bad!
  7. Looks like i gotta carry milk buckets with me again.....
  8. Yes, they will be poisonous again.
  9. I had noticed this, didn't know it was due to difficulty. I hate the poison. Well I'll rush through my mines xD