[BUG] Attack of the Ghasts!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by AlexC__, Sep 8, 2012.

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  2. Looks cool, but I don't think this is right....
  3. Oh yeah, this is on SMP8, near the spawn.

  4. Ghast-tastic!
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  5. I've also died about 5 times attempting to cross them, but they're everywhere, destroying bridges and I just can't get to my grinder D:
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  6. lol my grinder is surrounded by them last time i went :D
  7. m pretty sure its on every smp, it just makes it more interesting :D
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  8. Very challenging it took me forever to get to my grinders and even when i was fixing it they kept destroying the red stone and everything but i like the challenge
  9. Do you have enchanted armor?
  10. Nah, fire potions.

    Oh my god. I made it!
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  11. Great, I'll take note of bringing extra potions with me!

    EDIT: Imagine ALL teh Ghast tears!
  12. i love just entering the smp1 nether and finding 5 ghasts in the spawn area, easiest tears ever XD
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  13. Alex, I'm not even attempting to go to my grinder last i was there bam 10 ghast knocking on my door saying Trick or Treat. I got Tricked :oops:
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  14. Ya i live on SMP8 and one of my friends went to go burn something and he was like "Am i allowed to kill ghast because there are like 20 of them" Lol
  15. And right when i saw that first picture i knew it was SMP8
  16. It's GHASTageggedon!
    This is GHASTbelievable!
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  17. FTFY. :p
  18. it looks my ghast fun time
  19. If making a nether building, use cobble, nether brick or iron bars. Those are the main cheap materials I know about atm that are immune to ghast attacks.
  20. Cobble? You sure?