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  1. I think it would be cool to have a text in he chat that saves your friends on a list and has actions that tell u what res number ur friend is and it should have a teleport selection on it like all of the friends are numbered so sayyyyyy Southpark347 is on number one of the list u cld say /v 1 and It teleports u to his epic new res. I just wanted to see what people think of this idea Post on this to see what could be added to my idea.
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  2. Maybe like d1223m's chat mod, but with a tab for friendlists? A good idea.
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  3. Yes exactly!
  4. A friends list would be nice to have ^_^
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  5. yea my thoughts exactly only if someone had the time, money and tools
  6. This is a cool idea. To add a friend should be / player *name* add.
    To removes player should be /player *name* remove

    Btw the teleport idea to your friend is not good. Only mods can tele to people. This can be taken advantage of an you can add all EMC players and tele to them just like a mod
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  7. More time and tools :D Creating a mod doesn't cost you anything I think.
  8. Yeah, just a lot of coding.
  9. So like speed dialing? XD How about /find friends if this was made, or /find [player], and it lists which servers your friends are on?
    EDIT: What if we could talk in website conversations from the actual MineCraft game on these servers?
    /conversations list
    Then the conversation names go here
    /conversation [conversation name] read
    Shows recent messages
    /conversation [conversation name] send [message]
  10. It works just like /v name, but is a short-cut.
  11. What if they're in the Wilderness?
  12. The way I understand it, what HolySorrows means is that it would take you to their res, not the actual player themself.
  13. Exactly.
  14. And seph me + xandrow will be on number 1 in the buddy list :D
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  15. You can find out who's online and where they are. /p [Player's name]
  16. True story bro ^_^