Buccaneer's Den [UnEstablished]

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  1. So, BlackKnight1021, Whitlegend885, and me decided to remake the Lucky Pirates outpost, BlackKnight1021 is the Main-Leader as Whitlegend885 and me are Co-Leader's. This outpost takes place on SMP4. We have renovated the place after a griefing that recently took place D:! The damage that has been done such as the iron farm's collection system being clogged. We have many things out here for player's to live out here. There is atleast 2 Skeleton Farms, a Gold Farm, a Iron Farm, a Mine, and a Stone Generator. We have a locked chest for the place to become established and are waiting on reply.

    The constitution can be found here:
    https://docs.google.com/document/d/12Vma30OTWH4iyrEW4FvUgimcimXB1meGkhgbsxrcVoA/edit?usp=sharing It was drafted by Luckygreenbird, and then revised by Brenjone and BlackKnight1021. Brenjone and Luckygreenbird are both retired leader's of the island so pay some respect to them as well.

    To join the crew either send a PM with the 3 leader's in it and and answer the following questions.
    What are your strength's and weakness's:
    Have you been banned:
    Will you give a helping hand around the base:
    Do you agree to the constitution:
    If you are accepted, you will be sent a message in the conversation, saying how to get to the Nether Passage!

    Current Member List:
  2. Woo! Looking forward to getting the base going again ted! :D:D:D
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  3. To bad you had to get off D: D: D:
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  4. Ok, even though I'm retired from this, I have one really really really important suggestion to make.
    Make your own constitution. I was kind of fanciful in how I I wrote it, and sadly the system was just too complex for the size and style of the outpost. I could easily tell citizens and leaders alike did not understand it in the slightest (which really is not their fault), which led to the unfortunate downfall of the old base. I had offered BlackKnight1021 the opportunity to rewrite the constitution completely when I turned all of my authority over to him. Now would be the time to take up that offer. The constitution is not precise to how the whole of the Lucky Pirates actually works. It was developed to test how it would work in a land-based setting. That being said, rewrite it to the best of your abilities, and collaborate so you both fully understand how everything will work after you finish.
  5. Well, Will tell black that we will work together.
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  6. Sounds good to me
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  7. test

    about spoiler start with 'spoiler' without '/' ;)
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  8. Bump for Black!