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  1. So yes, Me BT is doing an event.
    Event Type: Soccer/Football kicky upees
    Time To Be Done In: Till the last day of this month, 30th September 2014

    How To Play It: Well you see, I wanted to do something new, not the same old same old, for those thinking what does it mean, well it's a thing where you have a soccer/football ball and you try and keep it up as much as you can, I only want you guys to use your feet.

    So how it works for the winners: To win this game, you have do what I said keep it up as much as you can, only using your feet, You can have as many attempts as you want, but you must only upload one attempt of it to this thread, so choose the most kicks you do, and no CHEATING, when you start your video you must say, "Hello this is [your MC name]" then once you have done that send it in to this thread and just wait to see other peoples, and at the end of the month, whoever did the most will win.

    RULES: Only one attempt
    : Must show head to toe of your body so I can see if you are doing it
    : Has to be done in a good lighting area so I can see it
    : You must have fun
    : Upload only one video

    Positions: 1st place will get 10 2014 Labor benches
    2nd place will gets 5 2014 labor benches
    3rd place will get 2 2013 labor benches

    I hope to see as many people playing this, as it's new I have never seen it on EMC, I hope you like it, and GOOD LUCK :D

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