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Do you think this is a good idea ?

No ? 1 vote(s) 5.6%
Yes ? 13 vote(s) 72.2%
Maybe ? 1 vote(s) 5.6%
Any Changes To Make ? 3 vote(s) 16.7%
  1. So people of the empire, i will be going on to make an icn. business. as shown in the title. How the Business is going to work. well how this is going to work is, i will be holding a stock of Emeralds,gold,diamond,redstone,lapis,iron and coal. this biggest amount i will go up to is doing dc's and the maximum time of me getting these minerals will be 2 weeks depends on what you want, and what have chosen. other information will be posted below.

    Emeralds: DC - 93,312
    Gold: DC - 34,560
    Diamond: DC - 260k
    Redstone: DC - 10k
    Lapis: DC - 62k Iron: DC - 13,824 Coal: DC - 7,050 Ok these are the prices of what i will be charging for these minerals. if you are interested in this idea and would like to get in touch with me please pm me on the and i will get right to work, for what the stuff you need :D
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  2. Used this service. Was fast and friendly. Will be using again in the future
  3. yay! ok thanks very much means a lot :D
  4. I send you an order.
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  5. Used this service again for a 2 DC order was filled in a good amount of time and very friendly. +1
  6. I would like a DC of coal.