Brony/ MLP Songs

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  1. This thread is about Brony/ MLP songs. Just post them below, as I know there are a LOT of bronys in EMC. (Looking at JTC and SparerToaster right now.) Anyways, make sure they are appropriate in language and video or put a disclaimer. Just an FYI, The living tombstone, Wooden toaster and other MLP song artists make great ones to put here.

  2. I'm surprised that no bronies have posted songs yet... what a shame...
  3. This servers been overpopulated with bronies it's to much for me to handle
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  5. Hmm....
    It says WoodenToaster.
    Does SparerToaster have a long-lost brother?
  6. No... I think Sparer just got the name from WoodenToaster :)
  7. I take offense at that my good sir.
    I bite my thumb at thee.
  8. D: Post some songs in here to get back at me! I am not worthy!
  9. I don't listen to pony music, thou shalt not get any from me.
  10. "Do'er of things" yet you don't listen to pony music?
  11. I only really listen to Sim Gretina, mainly because I'm too stubborn to look for something else.

    I tend to like instrumentals more than anything else..
  12. Cough cough.

  13. I Um..m..
  14. Things entail many things. I can't quote without my iMadeAHugeMistake 4S crashing.
  15. :p