Broken Wasteland Portals

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  1. I wanted to report that teleporting to the southwest section of the wastelands does not work from any of the east sections. (Northeast, East, or Southeast). The portals for southwest in those sections simply don't work.
  2. Try leaving that specific wastelands outpost, or going back to town, and then returning to try again. This happens sometimes and I seem to remember seeing Aikar acknowledging that its a bug, but simply reloading the chunk seems to always fix it for me.
  3. There are plenty of those on smp5 as well :)
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  4. Okay. This hopefully helps you add to that list at the very least. I don't know any of the inner details of how this teleport system works. I initially thought it was just local lag. It would be cool to be able to go directly to a specific spawn of the wasteland. For example:
    /wasteland ne
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  5. :)
  6. Weird. I've never noticed an issue.
  7. its very weird issue... not sure exact cause. We have an idea of a potential fix but no guarantee itll work :(
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