Broken PM

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by creeper3845, Nov 7, 2013.

  1. On mostly all servers I think, about 5 minutes ago, a reboot was started. Apparently, my friend came on after the reboot. I tried to pm him with like 10 words, and only one showed up! Whoever started the update messed up PM, so if you can, get this problem fixed asap!
  2. Well clearly this is happening for everyone. Try telling any online staff members, they might be able to let a higher-ranked member restart the server.
  3. aikar is on smp1 and you can talk to him. PM alexchance and jackbiggin in the future to report a bug
  4. OK, cool I will be there
  5. workng on it, temporarily, type /tell name, thatll engage PM mode, and you can type normal
  6. This is happening to someone else too, probably an issue for everyone online right now.
  7. Will @[playername] work?
  8. fix is being pushed now.

    I moved all of the chat code to a different (better) system... sadly missed that one area.
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