Broken Hard drive

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  1. On Monday afternoon, my laptop fell off my desk and turned off. I thought I was alright with HP's ProtectSmart feature to park the hard drive as it is falling. I was wrong. If you guys know a way for me to get my pictures ect. off my old hard drive, that'd be great. ( I have over 50GB of games).
  2. How badly damaged is the drive? Is the disk intact?
  3. As far as I can see, I'm not much of a computer guy, but when I try to start up it comes back with an error, and am getting a new drive sent.
  4. Well, if the data is really important to you, such as things you can't download again or get elsewhere, look for a data recovery service in your area.
    And i would also recommend getting an external hdd to backup your files on a regular basis. Nowadays you can get really good quality ones for fairly cheap.
  5. I have some good news and bad news for you. Bad news is you may or may not be able to get your games, pictures, etc back. Good news is I know of an application called crashplan that will automatically back up everything on your computer to the databases. So the next time this happens you simply "reload" all of your files into your new computer.
  6. Well all my games are on Steam and Origin, so I should be fine that way, but I did have quite a lot of saved work on Need For Speed.
    Thank's for the tip!
  7. I just realized that crashplan is not so cheap and a mac-only software, because you have a pc I would suggest using AOMEI, its totally free and pretty easy to use. Good luck!
  8. That was a weird way to put it, but you are most welcome
  9. I guess I made a goof, I'm doing a chore too. XD
  10. Could I get details on what the error specifically says?
  11. It's a number error. I think it was something about the DAT I am too lazy to put the battery in and start it up and stuff. My dad is a computer programmer so I have been asking him for help.
  12. Go to your local best buy. They will put all the data on the old drive onto the new drive.
  13. Thank you.
  14. That is considering your hard drive is not damaged, I thought your hard drive was damaged to an extent beyond repair
  15. That's true, but I was only on chat support with HP yesterday so I do not know the detailed problem.