Broken Hand :(

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by galazeek, Sep 8, 2012.

  1. So yesterday i broke my hand when i fell off a 2 wheel skateboard : /
    I would post a picture of it but its to large :eek:
  2. You ok lol? Which arm, if its left that sucks for you lol
  3. :O Get better man :)
  4. Right hand :(
    Thanks :)
  5. Well atleast you can still play minecraft, you just can't open anything or break and place anything...
  6. If you have a laptop you can still play!
    Use your thumb as a mouse.
    But sorry about the news.
  7. Get a Magic Mouse... they're ambidextrous. XD
    But seriously, that has to be bad. Hope it heals soon! :)
  8. Lol thanks guys, ive tried playing minecraft...didnt end very well lol
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  9. Trust me it will get easier.
  10. I hope :I
  11. I Broke Both my arms while skiing and had both of them in casts and was still able to play
  12. :eek: that must have sucked...
  13. 10 weeks of not being able to go to gym and having to sit in the library...... i was very unathletic after that i still are repairing from that
  14. I cant go to my basketball practice/games for 6 weeks and dont get cast off for 4 weeks :(