Broken Bones? Who What When Where Why?

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  1. I have recently hurt my Pinkie on my left hand, I will be getting it xrayed soon. But this just reminds me off the past where I hae broken bones.

    I have broken 3 of my ribs
    Big toe on my left foot

    Im not really a person immune to breaking bones.

    So what is your story? :)
  2. ill upload a picture of my hand later so you can see it =D one of my fingers is slanted from when i broke it but im not telling which one
  3. i fell out of a tree because a dog barked at me and i broke my leg, and it was the day before first grade to :(
  4. Never broken anything.
  5. Same
  6. I drive one of these, it is also white. :)

    I haven't broken any bones either.
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  7. Broke my nose, both wrists, several toes (lol), and got a 2 inch fracture in my right cheek bone:D
  8. i think you think your this person
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  9. My nose,chin and cheeks.
  10. Somebody broken my heart....

    Worst Feeling Ever :(
  11. Broken Bones? Who What When Where Why?
    Who: You (xI_LIKE_A_PIGx)
    What: That's what I said
    When: (In Real Life)
    Where: IDK
    Why? I ask that as well.
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  12. Lol no i just have incredibly bad luck:p
  13. i have bones with the strength of a million chuck Norriseseses(lol), haven't broken one in 25 years :)
  14. Who: Me
    What: Nothing
    When: Never
    Where: Nowhere
    Why: No reason
    *How: Um...
  15. 602px-Nsmb2_starman_mario (1).png x1000000000000=me
    never broke a bone