Broke my arm ...

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  1. Yesterday i broke my arm... I'll be wearing a cast for 6 weeks and will probably not be able to play that much :(. I was wondering if there was some way to protect my res from being erased due to not playing for 10 days?
    Please let me keep my res. :)
  2. That is unfortunate, i hope you heal soon, i will put your lot on hold from derelict policy for 8 weeks for you just in case. :)
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  3. Thanks man! Your the best!:)
  4. Wait you only broke one arm? Get back on and play!
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  5. Kinda hurts alot... Had to surgically implant to iron pins :/
    But i'll try to play :)
  6. Lol, I'm just picturing the poor guy with a cast from shoulder to wrist, trying to use mouse but only being able to pivot at shoulder, not elbow or wrist. :p
  7. I was at the hospital yesterday. A nurse was changing my cast and when she took the first cast off... I saw the two iron pins, sticking out of my arm!:eek:
  8. Fotunately it doesn't. :p
  9. Sounds like it hurts pretty bad...
    Hope you heal quick and get back to playing minecraft! :)
  10. Wonder how he broke it
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  11. Yeah I wonder too, maybe he will tell us!?
  12. should take the iron pins out of your arm and craft some tools with them :D
  13. Lol XD I think we got a guy here who played to much MC :p
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  14. No sir honest sir :3 just about to hit level 50 on the servers :D
  15. I fell while snowboarding...