Broadcasting software help needed!

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by jtc0999, Aug 31, 2013.

  1. As you know, i promised a livestream on monday, but now i am in panic mode because my software (Open BroadCaster Software) will not work.

    It can detect minecraft and web pages, but it cannot detect downloaded games (I.e Slender).
    Here is the link to a fourm i created on the page along with the log code. Please help! D:
  2. Does work for that kind of stuff?
  3. Yes it does.
  4. You still need streaming software though, which is what he needs help with.
  5. Oh I thought it automatically streamed from Twitch. Silly me :p
  6. Come on guys, i needz help :(
    Live Chat doesn't help (For the OBS website)
    The creators won't e-mail me back.
    No one helps me on the OBS fourms.
    Google isn't any help either.
    I'm desperate D:
  7. you could try using screen streaming mode for those games (I can get everything to record including cube world and such never had a problem)
  8. I do not know what that is...
  9. monitor capture
  10. oooooh.
    Smart idea! :D