Britney Spears - Minecraft?

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  1. Well I am an active follower of Jeb_ on Twitter- and he tweeted about how Britney Spears mentions "Minecraft" on the Ellen Degenres Show!

    You can find it at about 1:40.

    Now for us - educated people :p We all know that the clip they show is certainly Not Minecraft; but hilarious either way. Just watch the video to understand what I am talking about.
  2. I knew everyone said Minecraft360 was different than PC but didn't know it was THAT different. :p
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  3. I was watching it - half listening when she says that her son is constantly singing when playing Minecraft... Puts a different perspective on things to find out that people constantly sing while playing minecraft....

    Edit: we should make a complex plan to get her son on EMC, then addiction will set in :p
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  4. I don't know if we'd want her anywhere NEAR EMC, unless of course she's gonna dump a bunch of money on us. We don't need people catching the crazy and shaving their heads and getting marriage annulments and all that jazz.
  5. Please, she doesn't even know what her kid is playing.
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