British Earthquakes! :D

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    This morning, 4:20AM, I felt the ground shake. I was like "Wut", and I panicked. Then, a few minutes later, it happened again. I thought that there was an earthquake where I lived at first. And then, after 5-10 minutes... everything stopped. I've thought nothing of it all today until just now, when my IRL friend told me there was an Earthquake in North Wales. The tremors were felt all through the first few miles of North-West England, which is were I live :p

    Everyone but me and my dog slept through it. My dog was the one who woke me up partly :p
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  2. Heard about this, I imagine I wouldn't have felt it all the way in the south lol, but Jake is in the North, so I wonder how bad he felt it.
    *EDIT* oh, nvm lol
  3. Nfell is on holiday up in the north, and I haven't seen him on Skype today :p
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  4. heh, earthquake must have got him lol
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  5. Yeah, felt nothing lol, Saying that I do sleep through most things. Once there was a raging fire in a nearby street with fire engines everywhere and that didn't wake me up :p I only realized when my mum told me in the morning :p
  6. I did the same when I felt one. I'd never been in an earthquake but I kept hearing people talk about "We're overdue for one. When the next occurs it will be massive!" and even my neighbors talking about feeling aftershocks. It as 6 years ago and I had been up all night as usual and dad was up and getting ready for work. I was sitting on my bed, derping on my laptop and suddenly felt shaking and the pictures on my wall were flopping. It lasted for a minute or two and I was like "WUT?" but not panicking. The earthquake took place somewhere in north Illinois and could be felt down in southern Tennessee. Mom and my sister didn't want to believe us at first since they had slept through it.
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  7. Why is it that people are always sleeping through earthquakes? Every single time an earthquake hits nearby, I sleep through it. Earthquakes are sneaky that way...
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  8. I wouldn't have felt it because I live in the United States ;)
  9. Neither would anybody who lives in Aisa, Australia, Antarctica, or anywhere other than North-West England, for that matter. :) I didn't feel it either, but even if I was close enough to feel it, I probably would have been sleeping. :rolleyes:
  10. A few months ago there was a quake down in the South West, I slept right through it, but nobody else did :p Apparently the tremors got up here even though it wasn't that big of a quake.
  11. *And the whole of Wales
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  12. If you did, then God help us lol, that would have been big.
  13. I was looking for an end of the world image to go with this, and then I searched it on Google, and realized I hadn't clicked images first...
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  14. Sounds like a rocky situation.
    *Ba dum tssss*

    That joke was bad and I should feel bad.
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  15. Boom, google image search. :)