BritBrit's SMP7 Sculptures

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  1. She won't post these because she's all shy but since she's my sister I'll do it anyway :3
    She lives at 14163 and I'm at 14162

    Her Res:

    My Res:

    What it looks like from her Res lol"
  2. Very nice... Good job girl! :D
  3. She added a new one today :)

  4. Wow you gals have some talent :)
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  5. We knocked down my Apple Tree House and built this with the help of Echo_Man:
    Taken from my neighbor's res:


    Three stories, could almost be 4 because the topmost floor is pretty tall.
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  6. Awesome :)
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  7. I just saw this topic and I immediately went there :) It all looks awesome! :D
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  8. WOW that looks soo cool i really like the Panda its cute! :rolleyes:
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  9. Thanks guys. We're currently working on a giant sheep for her house :D
  10. These are really great!
  11. Thanks!

    Done with Sheep House:

    THe Head is her bedroom


    Each leg is hollow and two are entrances the other storage. :)
  12. The pikachu sculpture would go good with my pokeball sculpture! check it out at 1729 SMP1
  13. Great buildings their
  14. everyone is welcome to come view my stuff on server 7 resident 14163 and everyone is welcome to take a walk inside my sheep home.
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  15. Awesome stuff Brit :D I just went and visited these last night whilst talking to Panda. I also have a Pikachu on my res on smp2 :)

    Keep it up!
  16. Sonic The Hedgehog
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