Bringing the dragon back (hopefully)

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  1. ok, so the administraters deleted the Enderdragon so they could sell 4 of the eggs for big bucks, but I'm hoping if I get enough support, we can get the admins to bring the dragon back! Please post here pledging your support to the movement! any great reasons I can present to the admins are encouraged!
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  2. I say no I want to do the bear meme but letting someone else do it
  3. Dragons are coming back, it's been confirmed. However, I'm 99% sure it'll not be available to brutally murder in the conventional way.
  4. oh, and please dont talk about unrelated topics in the forum. only movement-related stuff. thank you!
  5. They already have plans for the Enderdragon (possible ways to fight it in the future), and possible ways in the future to obtain a Dragon Egg, but it will still be 'Rare'

    The Dragon Eggs that are out there were obtained legitimately from smp1-4 and utopia from Fighting the Ender Dragon. It was disabled in smp5-9 for various reasons - including the fact that several people battle the EnderDragon, but only 1 can get the egg
  6. Haha, there is no movement.

    Also your facts are a little off. Admins or mods never got a dragon eggs so we didn't stop dragons so we could make big bucks. It was stopped due to the drama that people had when they went to fight it (tons of people but only one egg).

    We've announced that we're not only working on a way to get more dragon eggs out there (and giving them uses!), but there will be fun battles to earn them as well. Stay tuned!
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  7. thats what im trying to do. how fun would it be to put together a party of friends and defeat the dragon together! people with swords and bows and lots of dirt all lending their fighting skills to murder the beast! how fun would that be!?
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  8. It WILL be fun. ;)
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  9. I'm guessing you'll be able to murder it, just not in it's home.
  10. But who gets to keep the egg?
  11. Is it a new server where there are dragons everywhere so everyone gets an egg?
  12. Yes, the dragons are coming back with a new system. But they will still be rare. Aikar knows what he's doing, and not many details have been released apart from the fact that there will be new ways to obtain a dragon egg but they will still be rare.

    The reason why you don't find them on servers 1-5 is because 5 people kill the dragon, one person gets the egg and it causes a kerfuffle. It also dissapeared from smp3 because the owner of the egg's res was deleted and you12maec has hinted that he has it but we've had no confirmation. Yet.

  13. To that damned meme.
  14. Thank u very much
  15. i suppose it makes sense about the egg, and that does sound like fun, even if its not in the conventional way (you know, where you slaughter the crap out of a big evil dragon on a floating island of rock). what fun.

    i dont even care anout the egg. i would go for the dragon just because its a challenge. its one of the many things that make this game intresting!
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  16. Yeah, eventually the dragons will be a renewable resource.
    Like solar energy.
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  17. to everyone posting that bear meme, please stop spamming just because you dont agree doesnt mean you have to rain on our parade
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  18. does anyone have any ideas when the new dragon system is coming out?
  19. When it's ready.