BRING IT ON!!!! SMP3 Empire Wholesale is now building!!!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Olaf_C, Jul 14, 2013.

  1. Great News! We are starting the build Early! I started building the mall just a few minutes ago! We aren't going to have major builds unless we get a large donation soon or until I auction off a DC of emeralds by the end of the month. We will need donations of beacons, birch plank and glass. I am good on glowstone, glass and emeralds. I am also looking for memberships to a gold and a diamond farm. I am willing to pay for that but my budget is tight. Follow me for more updates on the shop. Also, if you would like to donate rupees, birch plank, beacons or anything else (not dirt) pm me on the forums or catch me on SMP3, SMP1, and Utopia and you can see which one i am on with /p Olaf_C or /p IceCreamHorse (IceCreamHorse is my alternate account). If you donate 12k or more you can get a floor dedicated to you and your name on a wall on the top level observatory. You can have as many floors as you want dedicated to you, you just have to pay the 12k per floor and there are 14 floors available so if you donate 168k you can have the whole building dedicated to you.