Bring back arenas!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by oidgod, Jul 29, 2012.

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  2. I agree that they should come back, it would also be great for the enchanted sword business!:)
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  3. Yeah! If everyone wanted it i think they would bring it back ;)
  4. Come on guys this would be very good it was its own server!
  5. You should have made a
    Oll, I would say yes!
  6. Could a mod add a poll? Options: yes or no.
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  7. whats the arena server IP?
  8. i support. 100% i'd absolutely LOVE to fight someone ^.^
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    But it was closed :(
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    3 posts in one minutes!
  11. why?
  12. Not many played on it. That was 8 months ago though.
  13. I think Aikar is working on something for this atm.. It's just finding plugins and making your own :D.. I'd like to see a :p or just a freeforall
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  14. Like tehwafflez said, it would be awesome to see a hunger/survival games EMC server. But yeah, I agree, they should bring back the arenas, even though I signed up 2 months after they closed it :p
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  15. I used to go to the arenas server to do random arenas, they were awesome!
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  16. I remember playing on that server and if you could get a couple a friends on it was a blast!
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  17. Yeah iwish i could make a poll on this... :p the only way is making anew thread:mad: