Bridges in the Wild

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  1. Are the bridges in the wild, especially around the main spawn on smp1 (have a look on the live map), a useful thing or an eyesore? I was repairing one today, when the thought struck me that perhaps I wasn't helping the wild, but just making it look worse.
    Yes, the bridges are useful to get over the really worn out areas around the spawns, but I'm more talking about the long distance bridges. On one hand they could reduce overcrowding around spawn by distributing people further afield, but are they worth their uglyness?

    I'm basically asking how the community feels about the bridges, as I have realised that I have no idea.
  2. Unless they're protected, they are begging to be griefed.
    Allows distrubution of players.
    Provides vantage points for sniping mobs our for the view.
    Quick way back to spawn.

    Wood: flint and steel
    Stone: Pickaxe abuse
    Fake Tolls.

    Could ruin adventure in running back to spawn in the night.
  3. Maybe you can make them better looking? Though I'd think bridges would be better over faces of water. Like rivers. And not spammed. But that's just me. There is high chance of griefing, or people making the wild a better and prettier place.
  4. The problem is that you can't make them good looking without using expensive materials or spending time on them and yeah, of course they'll be griefed, but the ugly bridges we have at the moment can be repaired easily.
  5. I think theyre bad.. The whole point of minecraft is to go out explore and get things, its hardly exploring if youre following a bridge someone has made that everyone uses. But hey, I use them!
  6. I think the bridges are necessary until we start fixing the ground beneath them. It is not part of the vanilla adventure to navigate the hell hole outside of the spawn that a hundred people have contributed to.

    But the bridges are treating the symptom. What we should do instead of fixing the bridge is to fill in some of the holes with some dirt and saplings :D
  7. I agree
  8. With the texture pack I'm using.Everything looks pretty.
  9. I keep musing over the idea of making the immediate surface level, undiggable, for a huge expanse around the spawn, but having mineshafts that go, say, ten deep, the sides of which are unbreakable, and then and only then, once you've got past ten, can you actually start to dig.

    This would protect the spawn area from overt damage and keep people confined to sub-surface mining unless they moved further afield.

    I think it'd be do-able.
  10. ok, so to conclude, for the moment bridges are good?