Brickstrike's riddle

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  1. I have been talking a lot with follow addict and 13 year old muffin, brickstrike. In his signature there is this: "
    The battle is coming. He has arrived. And, this all has to do with one thing.
    The end of minecraft." which was replaced by
    It turns out bricks old signature was a riddle and it took me forever but I finally figured out what it meant. After asking a few questions and looking at some old threads I have found out what it means. At the moment brick is making an adventure map that involves herobrine and a bunch of other things that want to rip out your internal organs. Brick, good luck to you.
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  2. Ok....good luck I guess.
  3. For some reason he wanted me to figure out the riddle and post about it. I am still a bit brain hurt :confused:
  4. Meh. Shouldn't have ever needed that much brain power to figure it out.
    I mean with all the posts he posted about a king and stuff.
    The thread by Jacob called the answer, and among others things included a lot of shrouded clues in several threads, some of which had gray text.
    But then again.
    Why would something that takes months in the making needed to be shrouded in the first place?
    I mean if it is just a map, why did he put all that effort into it to let only one person (that being you olaf) see the true answer? What if there's more to the story?

    Still don't know the reason behind all this eh...?
    Most people know who owns this account, but none know why.
    Why... indeed.
    Well, as I said in the Share your story thread, my story is your story, but what about the setting...
  5. *cough* iClovisisbricksalt *cough*
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  6. |
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  7. You said it was to rebrand yourself. It was check, not mate.
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  8. Ha. I suppose it's similar to that.
    Do a google search for images of "Clovis" for me.
    Pawn to B5
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  9. ah, the old king thing. Rebranding yourself as the muffin king?
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  10. Pawn to E3
    The game is mine :3
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  11. Drone to both kings, game is more mine!
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  12. Um.... what exactly is going on here between Olaf and Brick? Never mind, I don't even want to know...
    Oh, and...
    All pieces to Narnia. I own Narnia, so the pieces are mine. Thus, the game is mine. The End!