Brewing Stand problem

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  1. I purchased a brewing stand and nether wart (my first in the game) at the main store and I can't get it to accept nether wart to start the potion process. No matter where I click (right or left click) in the top area it will not accept the wart.
    Anyone know the trick to this? :confused:


    P.S. Yes, I placed the bottles of water in their holders too.
  2. do you have water bottles in the lower area?

    i just drag the nether wart in. shift clicking doesn't work for some reason
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  3. Yep, tried the drag trick. I rarely shift click on stuff like this unless I'm removing items back into my inventory.
  4. Very strange, at the risk of sounding like customer support, have you tried shutting down and restarting minecraft?
  5. That's a good idea so I did it twice already. :D Still no luck. So. disheartening it is.
  6. hmm, maybe try picking it up and placing it down again? make sure you use a pickax to destroy it though, for some reason other things just make it dissappear.
  7. I moved it twice already as the first time I placed it, it stuck on the roof. then I moved it a 2nd time to put it on a wood plank and two more on the sides. I used the pick.

    beginning to wonder if there maybe a time limit after purchasing before it's use.
  8. The empire shop sells the block item of nether wart (which is the id of nether wart when its on soul sand) i believe since it says nether wart instead of nether stalk. Place the wart on soulsand and punch it. That should give u the correct item for brewing.
  9. Yup i was right. I just bought some at the empire shop and it gave me the block item of nether wart
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  10. This may be my issue.

    Guess what the wiki says on netherwart: If you try to put Nether Wart block in a brewing stand instead of Nether Wart Seeds, the brewing process will not go through.
    Thanks for the info deagoo.

    U too Shaun, I have a shortcut link to the wiki on the brewing as I read a lot before I buy something. I just haven't seen anything on the nether wart till I RE-READ the nether wart section of the wiki a min ago. :oops:

    Guess I'm off to get a soulsand block.....lalalala
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  11. Hey deagoo, any more info on the breaking process? You just use you hand or what?
  12. your hand
  13. I didn't realize the empire shop sold warts as blocks. Yeah breaking warts with hands is fine, it is like wheat in that respect.
  14. Ive seen a couple servers where the main shop sold warts as blocks since "nether wart" is the block item and thats the first thing someone would put when they are selling nether warts. The correct name would be "nether stalk" for the item version of nether wart.
  15. Thanks for all the help, Mission accomplished! :D
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  16. lol Sorry for the necro but... I search this forum for a reason why I can't brew with nether wart and I can't find anything. 1 quick google search later here I am again
  17. Take what you bought. Plant it in soul sand in the Nether. Wait a bit and it will grow fully. Harvest and Ta-Da you can now use it.
  18. In the process pf farming it now