Brew4U Potions Relocating

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  1. Hi everyone. As you may know, I previously owned a potion store on smp2 called "Brew4U Potions." If you visit the previous location, 4062, you will see that the store no longer exists. This is because I had a griefing party and gave all the potions away. However, I will be creating a bigger, better version of the store at SMP2HQ, res # 3742 on smp2. I plan to have free instructions on how to brew every potion variety, buy and sell every potion variety, buy and sell all the potion ingredients, and rent out highly convenient potion brewing stations on the same floor. This is not done yet, but when it is, I will edit this thread. I regret to say that I will be raising my prices for most or all potion varieties, but I will keep my policy of only making a 1r profit off of each transaction.

    More info on the potion brewing stations: There will be a total of 13, 1 of which will be mine, and one which I promised to a friend. This leaves 11 for rent. Each will have 18 brewing stands (to brew a double chest of potions at once), an infinite water source, 14 single chests, an ender chest, a crafting table, and a furnace. All this is conveniently located at the potion store, where information, ingredients, and selling opportunities are just blocks away. The materials for each unit will cost me about 1268r (mostly for the glowstone), so I plan to charge 1500r for permanent ownership (No short-term plans). If you're interested, PM me or ask about it in-game.

    Much like my previous store, this one will deal in all available potion varieties, including XP (bottles o' enchanting, which are technically NOT potions), all reverted potions, invisibility and night vision potions (when 1.4 comes out), and every other type obtainable in-game. I have not decided on a policy regarding splash harming and poison potions, but I will likely sell them like the other types. Additionally, I will sell/buy all potion ingredients - bottles, nether wart, glistering melons, etc. I would, however, like to note that the availability of gunpowder and ghast tears may be limited.

    I will also do bulk orders, depending on the available ingredients. More information on bulk orders will be posted in-store at a later date. I'm not sure what type of discount I'll do, but probably no more than 5%.

    Finally, I don't really need any donations, but if you have a good supply of ghast tears or gunpowder, please message me! Thanks for your interest, and happy brewing!