Breeding sig dragons?...

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  1. Can you breed your dragon cave dragons with other people's without trading them? If so, i'll breed my Nocturne with somebody else's :D
  2. I'm aiming to get 10 eggs, so breeding them would really help :D
  3. I think you can breed them, and I'd love to do it if someone told me how!
  4. Choose one to breed your dragon with :D incubator_Chasca 1.png
  5. Can I breed with the Red one, whatever type that is? It looks cool :p
  6. His name is RedStoneInTheTail, and yes, you can breed with him :p
    Edit: Could you guys please click in my new eggs?
  7. If it's a Male, I can breed with a Magi or a Terrae Dragon.
    If it's a Female I can breed with a Stone Dragon :3
  8. Ok.
  9. I'll breed him with the Magi and when my Terrae dragon grows up he will breed with your Terrae :p
  10. Seems familiar somehow....
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  11. Ok, so, how do I breed mine with yours?

    I think SoulPunisher would like to know too :p
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  12. Yes, how can we breed our dragons? ._.
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  13. To let them breed, you must put them next to eachother. This might not work for different types of dragons...
  14. ???
  15. So one of us have to send his dragon to the other, and then he'll breed them?
    Or you just trolling? :p
  16. I'd choose the second option <.<
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  17. My Nocturne is female, btw.
  18. :( Was only trying to help *leaves thread*
  19. Don't leave we really need your help!
    :( :(