Breast Cancer Awareness Month Fundraiser (locked)

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  1. This fundraiser is not approved by EMC Staff and links have been removed.

    The *Freshly Squeezed* shirts for Breast Cancer Awareness are now available for pre-order! You have until October 5th to place your order, so do it soon! (May be NSFW for the word for breast that rhymes with pits)

    The shirts are $25 each. When you pre-order, you are NOT charged. You are only charged if the target selling goal of 30 shirts is made. If the target goal of 30 shirts is not reached, you will NOT be charged anything. I repeat that for clarity on the matter. There is a men's shirt option as well.

    100% of the profits from these shirts will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The base price/cost of the shirts to manufacture are $12.50 each. So that means there is a $12.50 profit per shirt. $12.50 x's 30 = $375 minimum that would go directly toward breast cancer research.

    Please share this with your friends to help reach the goal faster!

    Shirts will be delivered between 10-14 days after the campaign ends (Campaign ends October 5th. Delivered on/between October 15th-19th).
  2. This will be locked soon...
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  3. What fer? It's a fundraiser I am holding.
  4. You can't do such things since this is a family friendly server, childern would try to convince their parents to pay for it... Aikar and Starlis Co. don't want to deal with these problems...
  5. That's up to them to decide if this fundraiser would give them a headache.
  6. This fundraiser is not allowed on EMC. It is forum policy to not allow posts leading to purchasing of materials that are not under EMC control to prevent possible scams. Links have been removed and the post has been locked.
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