Breaking News!: Animal Cruelty in EMC! (Joke)

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Should we stop animal cruelty in EMC?

YES! I love sleeping with sheep, I would have thought everyone else would too! 6 vote(s) 46.2%
NO! I need the eggs so I can throw them at my buddies! :D 7 vote(s) 53.8%
  1. Since forever, animals have been treated cruelly by their owners. They trap the poor little creatures in eggs, making the animal go into it's smaller form. They get USED by having millions of poor chickens locked in one box, having to lay eggs for the owner and public.
    (I am not giving away the res number for this viscious contraption)

    Also, the owners force others, and themselves to throw eggs at walls to make chicks come out. most of the time it'll not be a fully grown chick and will just be a yolk with a beak.

    (This is my residence, number 627 on smp1)
    And many animals which cannot live together, well, being forced to live together.
    We stuck a camera to a mooshroom which lives in the "box" and this is a picture:

    (My residence aswell)

    As we can all see, we have to stop this madness NOW! Buy the mob eggs and let them all free!

    (This is a joke, lol)
  2. Its not cruelty if they don't kill them...
  3. what is up with the sign on the 2nd picture?
  4. It is moving text, by using &k before the typing

    what sign do you mean?
  5. Actually, it can be.
  6. no not that one the one that is blue... looks suspicious..
  7. Skilled_creeper that sometimes happens in minecraft and it is a glitch. I believe it is called the chest/sign shadow glitch? Something like that. Don't worry it is not a hack just a bit of a glitch sir_creeper. Happened to me alot at my friend's house. So yeah nothing to be suspicious about ;)
  8. But this is minecraft. :)
  9. Minecraft? NO, THIS. IS SPARTAAAA
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  10. So the water won't flow out
  11. have you ever seen the "Coloured Signs" Section on the empire guide?
  12. What blue sign?
  13. Oh I thought you meant on the 1st pic! My bad :oops:
  14. awww poor doggies ;(
  15. BUT now with eggification the poor guys will be our equals the VILLAGERS!
  16. How could they! He/She
  17. I just punched a chicken to death. I have to whip myself now ;(