Breaking Mob Spawners

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  1. Hi all! I've got a fairly strange question but it's just something I'm so confused about. I've been told that you're not allowed to break mob spawners. I can't work out if this means dark room spawners (ones that people have built and spawn mobs naturally) or the ones that generate (and look like a cage). I'd presume (in fact I know) it's against the rules to break a dark room one. However, can I break a cage one? Thanks for your help :)
  2. i dont believe you are allowed to break peoples xp grinders and mob grinders, + y wud u break any way
  3. If you see that sombody made a grinder with the mobspawner then DON'T destroy it, if its a "raw" dungeon or mineshaft than its up to you. :D
  4. Mob Spawners Cages (Small blue cages with the mob inside) = Can be broken

    Mob Grinder (A contraption built around Mob Spawners to funnel mobs into a killing area) = Cannot be broken as these are a Player Build, this includes the Mob Spawners they are built around.

    Same applies to Darkroom Mob Grinders which are large structures designed to have mobs spawn in them and drop into a killing zone.
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  5. I'm not saying I would break anyones. However, I have to admit when I see a cagey thing with flames coming out of it, it's become a reaction to automatically break it. I suppose that's what you get for being a wimp and playing on peaceful.
  6. Ok, thanks. That's what I thought the rules was but I just wanted to check.
  7. You can break them but dont break xp grinders and why would you break one in the first place just turn it into a xp grinder to gte wondeful xp and make wonderful enchantments.
  8. lol