Breaking Blocks Twice

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  1. So I'm out in the wild on smp9, out beyond the generated world so i'm generating new chunks. I can't determine if this is an issue on the server or an issue with my connection but I literally have to mine blocks one at a time or else I have to break them twice (or more) if I mine too fast.

    This is making it impossible to mine in the wild.

    Can someone confirm if they're seeing the same thing?
  2. I get this in town too, it is just the lag.
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  3. ok just wanted to see if someone else was seeing this. it wasn't happening yesterday. in fact this is the first time i've seen it happen and it's been happening all day. it made it impossible to use the boats out on the water too because they would randomly just break while i was swimming. ugh
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  4. Yeah, I just hate it, it is really annoying
  5. it all works smoothly if i want for the broken block to generate the piece before going to the next block... so it's like mining in slow motion. but at least i don't have to keep breaking them two and three times every time LOL
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  6. i will say that earlier because of this lag and glitching i got a lot of dupes... everything i mined i got three times because i would mine it, i'd glitch so bad that i disconnected and reconnected, mined it again and i had everything duplicated. then it happened again and i got everything x3.

    it just happened that one time though
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  7. It happends to me very often,but I don't keep the extra blocks (They don't appear in my inventory)
  8. This is a common problem with lag and I've had it ever since I started playing multiplayer back in the mid-beta days. You mine a block, it reappears, then (if you wait long enough depending on the intensity of the lag) disappears again and drops the item. Occasionally, you might get two item drops from mining one block, but (again, typically) the extra one disappears after waiting a while.
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  9. Well, I almost get it always.....
  10. Yes, smp9 is quite bad right now. It's hard to get anything done so I just disconnected and will try to play again later.
  11. they should lower the limit on smp9 because literally that server gets too overloaded
  12. oohhhh nice, smp9 rebooted a few minutes ago and now all the lag is gone. no more breaking the bricks twice :)